Welcome to Futuristic Frog, specialists in website design, app design, AI model training, Image generation and post editing procedures.

Website Design

Refresh and enhance your existing website.

Creating websites that bring your ideas to life, why settle for mediocore when you can have the best.

AI Image Generation

Creation of bespoke, captivating images using Artificial Intelligence.

Each image is upscaled and tailored to your individual requirements.


AI model training

Client provided images go through a customised training process. Training of models can encompass a wide array of subjects and styles.

Training is repeated and refined until high quality results are reached which satisfy both flexibility for prompting and close resemblance to the initial dataset.

From the custom model, Futuristic Frog provides the services to produce images in varying styles, medium and composition.


Post Editing

A complete post editing service for digital artwork and traditional photography.

This encompasses fixing inaccuracies, enhancements, editing and alterations.

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